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  1. Next meetup of the yegwheel group is June 16th, 10:30am for demos, obstacle courses, in the rink, followed by a 20km ride around the downtown area departing at 11:45.
  2. This one was a bit eventful; we're all doing better on the backwards riding a bit, the 18xl technical issues seem to have been resolved. All good until we hit the road to Rundle. It was a good run to about half way then I developed a flat on my creaky old ACM2 (only about a year old, but closing in on 5000kms, much of it rough winter driving.) Then a fierce rain came and drenched us and we called it a day and cabbed it back, drenched and with a flat wheel. Once we got back I switched wheels and we were back on the road again, this time over to a coffee shop (Mill Creek cafe) for some hot beverages and to unwind. One of our group is now riding to the meetup on the wheel, kudos to him, that adds 16kms to his riding total for the day. Next week we'll have the meetup but the focus will be gearing up to do a quality presentation / demo for the Ritchie Community league the following weekend.
  3. We'll be back again in Richie for May 19th, another Holiday weekend. Hopefully everyone can make it, I'm going to start reposting these on the other forum as well.
  4. Sorry for the late posting here, it's been a tough week. I'll be out at the Arena with the gear from 11am this morning. I have to wrap up by two-ish as I have an appt at 3.
  5. Next meetup is schedule for noon, as today the ring was being used for hockey at 1p. See you there!
  6. This will be the first meetup we've had in a month due to inconvenient vacation timing and the Easter holiday. With a bit of luck we'll be have some people out to give wheels a try in this one, the new KingSong stock will be in by then.
  7. Right, I should be looking at a Calendar. I'll push the next Sunday meetup back a week.
  8. This boat has 10 KingSong wheels on it, due to arrive in Vancouver on April 15th, eventual destination Edmonton. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:689555/mmsi:477806000/imo:9199268/vessel:OOCL_SAN_FRANCISCO
  9. It looks like today was enough notice. Sorry for the mix-up, real brain fart on my part. I'll see you guys when I get back. Maybe we can do a weeknight thing on Thursday April 17th, let me know what you think.
  10. Hey all, I've just been informed that my trip to Maui leaves on on Sunday morning, not Monday as I had thought. So a Sunday meetup for me is out, and of course the next Sunday will be out as well. I'm thinking to get together on Saturday instead, proposing 1pm. Let me know if this works. I'll send out texts as well.
  11. After this one there will be a one week break, so the the next formal meetup won't be until Sunday April 21st.
  12. Next formal meetup will be at the Ritchie Community League rink, at 1pm on Sunday, April 7th. The first hour will be spend on demos, practice, orientation, then at 2pm we will head out for a small road tour of about 45 minutes or so depending on weather conditions.
  13. Hey guys, the weather actually looks half decent tomorrow and the rink is open, so if everyone agrees I'm thinking maybe to meet over here. Let me know.
  14. The weather and rink availability are uncertain for Sunday so we'll be back in the Brewery district again.
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